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Key figures for the year of glass

Key figures for the year of glass

As you know, in this year 2022, glass is highlighted with the “International Year of Glass” proclaimed by the United Nations General Assembly. As an actor of sustainable development, glass favors undeniable cultural and scientific advances thanks to its versatility and technical capabilities.

Moreover, this specific year allows to make known and to put forward professions around glass which are not always known by the general public and the professionals. The young generations will then be informed of all the know-how that revolves around glass as well as the perspectives that glass can offer them.

Throughout this year 2022, exhibitions, conferences and open houses are organized to allow the public to discover this technical and promising medium and to pass on and discover its know-how.

So why is glass being highlighted?

Glass has been part of our history for more than 10,000 years and contributes to an energy transition that is essential for everyone’s future! This material is a major asset in the fight against climate change and is infinitely recyclable.

Some key figures around the International Year of Glass:

  • 1500 universities and research centers, learned societies, associations, museums, artists, manufacturers and companies have supported this project
  • 79 countries are participating to make glass shine this year on 5 continents
  • 4 main organizations are promoting this unique material: Federation of Glass Industry Chambers, the Crystal and Glass Federation, the French Federation of Glass Professionals and the Union for Glass Science and Technology
  • The glass industry has 32 professional branches
  • The annual market for insulating glass is about 20 million m² in France
  • The annual market for laminated glass is about 10.3 Million m² in France
  • The annual market for tempered glass is about 7.4 Million m² in France

The VIT Group is happy to be part of this sector and to introduce the world of glass and more particularly of technical insulating glass.