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RANGE VIT DESIGN | OURS glazing with sandblasting


Bespoke sandblasting will enable you to customise your glazing with the patterns of your choice

The glass can be sandblasted to achieve an opaque look. It can be done on any type of glazing or thickness (except soft coat glass)

Technical specifications

Sandblasting can be:

  • In full: For an appearance similar to acid etched glazing, but with a thicker grain and a whiter tint than achieved with acid etching.
  • Shaded: for a gradually reduced density of sandblasting, for a partition wall which conceals feet but reveals faces
  • Partial: for sandblasted and transparent areas on the same glazing, or to produce writing, banners, patterns, logos, etc…

If the sandblasted glass is assembled as insulated glazing, the sandblasted face is positioned on the inside of the insulated glazing, in the sealed air space to protect it. In the case of single glazing, we recommend applying a protective varnish to the sandblasting to protect it and reduce dirt, finger prints, cleaning etc.

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