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Prepare your project with confidence

Your VIT teams will do their best to support you throughout your project.

Depending on the composition and performance you are looking for, we offer you the right solution for your project and your needs. They will also be able to advise you according to the application and fitting location.

nos-services_preparer-votre-projet-en-toute-confiance_visuel1 - VIT spécialiste du vitrage pour les professionnels
nos-services_preparer-votre-projet-en-toute-confiance_visuel2 - VIT spécialiste du vitrage pour les professionnels
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We have wide-ranging skills that enable us to meet diverse and varied requests from you :

Glazing composition
Glazing thickness
Acoustic performance
Thermal performance
Spectrophotometry sheet
Floor slab thickness calculation
SSG calculation
Heating rate calculation
Thermal breakage calculation
Sealing joint calculation
Integrated blinds in insulated glazing
Fire-rated glass products
Creation of a shower kit based on the VIT SHOWER catalogue

Our technicians make their skills available to you to meet all your requirements.