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THE VIT Group places a strong emphasis on
its quality, security and environmental policies.

From the quality of our products and services to the reduction in environmental impacts via the protection of the health and safety of our employees, each day VIT commits to meeting the needs of all its stakeholders.

With the help of our QSE manager and all our employees, VIT has certified itself in order to establish a logic of continuous improvement in terms of the quality of our products, our relations with our customers and partners, but also in terms of safety and the environment. This basis allows the Group to have set up a specific and organized system and organization for the traceability and implementation of our QSE projects.

The VIT Group has a real desire to improve over the years, and to put in place tools that allow our employees to work serenely.


The Cekal certification is specific to the glass manufacturing industry. It is voluntary and is a guarantee of the ten-year warranty on the humidity resistance of insulating glass units.
It certifies the quality and performance of our insulating glass units based on audits and tests. This certification is essential to attest the quality of VIT products, and has an impact on the manufacture and control of the glazing. It provides a basis for implementing new methods and thus enabling the Group to continually improve.

It provides a very precise working framework with daily production checks (on sealing joints, for example) to verify the quality of product batches.
Each of the three companies has its own certification since they do not specialize in the same types of glazing (double glazing with or without argon filling, with silicone, polyurethane or hotmelt coating, altitude balancing, cross bars, renovation profiles, triple glazing). They therefore complement each other according to the different projects and bring a proof of certification.

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For the company’s sustainability and in the spirit of continuous improvement, VIT was certified ISO9001 in 1997.
Being a major regional player in the glass sector, the company took an even more qualitative turn with a triple certification Quality-Environment-Safety in 2010, which was obtained in 2013 and then renewed in 2017 with the 2015 versions of 9001 and 14001. OHSAS 18001, then transition to ISO 45000 in 2019.

Today, VIT is certified ISO 9001 for quality, ISO 14000 for the environment and 45000 for safety. This voluntary implementation of the Group allows to instill a wind of continuous improvement towards all the employees of the Group.

The ISO standards are completely integrated into the VIT company’s development approach and also allow us to confront potential deviations. We then implement corrective actions in order to reach a real requirement and be in phase with these certifications.

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Ludovic Llopis

Group Brassier

Communication with the teams is very good! They come see us, advise us and provide samples for the end client. They offer us support and are really responsive to our needs!




We are in total confidence with VIT and that is why we called on them for our new showroom in Corenc in the suburbs of Grenoble