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RANGE VIT THERM | OURS thermal insulated glazing


VIT Therm insulated glazing is a product with reinforced thermal insulation (ITR) that provides good light levels combined with controlled solar gain.

The special properties of VIT Therm glass make it ideal for all applications and exposures, where heating savings and free energy input are key factors for occupants and operators. VIT Therm glass must be installed as double glazing. It can be laminated or toughened.

It includes a spacer between the 2 panes to create an insulating layer of air or argon gas. Using Warmedge spacers reduces peripheral heat loss and improves the Uw value. This improves the performance of the joinery, giving your buildings a better energy performance. This glazing will perform better with wood, PVC or aluminium joinery. Given the current focus on energy performance, energy savings and rising energy prices, it's vital to take thermal insulation glazing into account in your renovation or construction projects. Standards are evolving and becoming increasingly precise, and thermal engineers are demanding ever-higher levels of performance from buildings.

Technical specifications

Its properties result from the vacuum deposition of a low-emissivity coating: a thin, transparent layer based on materials of metallic origin.VIT Therm glazing can be used in :

  • Windows
  • Entrance doors
  • Conservatories
  • Bay windows
  • Sliding frames

The transparency of Low E 1.1 Premium glass is comparable to that of clear uncoated glass – allowing optimum use of daylight. Its high colour rendering index and neutral colour in terms of both transmission and reflection, combined with its transparency, provide maximum visual comfort in the home. From now on, VIT Therm blurs the boundary between the inside and outside of the house. With a solar factor of 63% (for the Ug 1.1 version), this glass allows you to benefit from free solar energy, giving your home a positive energy balance.