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RANGE VIT COMFORT | OURS soundproof glazing


Sound insulation is also about efficient glazing

The purpose of sound insulation is to limit the transmission of sound and to reduce sound levels in residential premises and workplaces.

Technical specifications

Our VIT Comfort Acoustic range of glazing can be used as simple laminated glazing (44² Acoustic, 55² Acoustic, etc.) but also insulated glazing, by bonding this glazing to a float, laminated or VIT Comfort Acoustic laminated face for better performance. This glazing is for use in:

  • Private homes, when in a noisy environment (roadside, city)
  • Offices for a more comfortable working environment
  • Meeting rooms to maintain confidentiality

VIT Comfort Acoustic glazing differs from traditional laminated glazing due to the use of a more flexible and soundproof PVB. Its security and anti-intrusion properties are not affected.
With like-for-like thickness, laminated glass will always be more efficient than single-glazing (float).
The acoustic performance (which you can find on our online acoustic simulator) indicates sound attenuation. Consequently, the higher the value, the better the performance.
For example, glazing with acoustic performance of 36 dB RW subject to a sound source of 90 dB will produce a sound level of just 54 dB RW in the room.