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A wide choice of films inserted between two sheets of glass

Decorative laminated glass from the VIT DESIGN range is made up of several sheets of glass with a film (plain or patterned) inserted between them (plain or patterned).

Glazing with a decorative insert is ideal for table tops and interior partitions, for example.
As laminated glass, it provides security because, in the event of breakage, the pieces of glass are held in place by PVB or EVA Safe films.

Technical specifications

The Insert VIT Design range offers several types of decorative inserts:

Eurofilter plain coloured films: these coloured films can be used to create uniformly coloured decorative glazing for architecture and interior decoration..

PET (polyethylene terephthalate) deco films are thin films applied to glazing to give it an aesthetic and decorative appearance. PET films are generally used for interior decoration, on furniture for example. However, the pattern is only visible on the front of the film (see photo below).

vitrage-gamme-vit-insert-vit-specialiste-du-vitrage-et-createur-de-vitrage-innovant vitrage-gamme-vit-insert-vit-specialiste-du-vitrage-et-createur-de-vitrage-innovant

SAATIstyle® metallised fabrics from SAATI are integrated into laminated glass, offering a wide range of captivating shades and a unique interplay of transparencies and materials. The fabric shimmers and maintains a high level of transparency when combined with the glass. It has been printed on one side with a wide range of colours and shades, while on the other side it has a captivating aluminium effect.

vitrage-gamme-vit-insert-vit-specialiste-du-vitrage-et-createur-de-vitrage-innovant vitrage-gamme-vit-insert-vit-specialiste-du-vitrage-et-createur-de-vitrage-innovant

Decorative inserts can be used in conventional laminated glass, or in toughened laminated glass for added strength. What's more, they are manufactured in our workshops using EVA Safe laminates, so you can be sure of the best possible service.


ST color Vanceva plain coloured films, these tinted PVB laminates have the special feature of being able to be juxtaposed. A maximum of four films can be superimposed inside the glazing, offering a multitude of combinations and therefore colours. Note, however, that the tint obtained will be perceived differently on one side of the pane than on the other, as the films do not merge.


Fibrous films, woven films and Japanese papers, with their textured effect, bring a unique style to your interiors. Japanese paper is known for its soft texture and durability, making it a perfect choice for interior decoration. The weaves can be arranged in a variety of ways to create patterns and light effects that will add a unique decorative look to your glazing.

vitrage-gamme-vit-insert-vit-specialiste-du-vitrage-et-createur-de-vitrage-innovant vitrage-gamme-vit-insert-vit-specialiste-du-vitrage-et-createur-de-vitrage-innovant

  • Coffee tables
  • Decorative partitions
  • Credences
  • Worktops
  • Guardrails

Please consult our VIT INSERT catalogue for details of the different colours available.

Application areas