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RANGE VIT SUN | OURS solar control reflective glazing


The first generation solar control glazing, it remains a good choice today, particularly due to its reflective appearance.

Stopsol is a clear or through-coloured glass, one of the faces of which is covered with a reflective metal oxide-based coating. This high-resistance coating enables the glass to be used in single or double glazing whilst maintaining performance over time.

Technical specifications

Stopsol glass can be used in single, laminated, tempered, or enamelled glass, or fitted as insulated glazing. It can be fitted in:

  • Windows to conceal the interior of the building, with more light transmission than with a one-way mirror
  • Facades
  • Glazed veranda roofs
  • Doors

The specific properties of Stopsol glass enable it to reflect light and incident solar radiation, thus providing good natural light, without glare, whilst limiting solar gain.
You have the option of high light transmission or a low solar factor depending on whether your priority is increasing natural light or reducing energy gain.

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