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RANGE VIT PROTECT | OURS bullet-proof glazing


Bulletproof laminated glass to protect people from firearms of various calibres.

STOP BULLET bullet-resistant laminated glass is made by assembling several sheets of float glass and/or polycarbonate. These sheets are bonded together with PVB interlayers, whose role is to retain bullets fired at the glass.

In addition to the glazing class, which is determined by the type of weapon used, there are two other classes: class S and class NS. Class S means that the glass can produce shards of glass on impact, whereas class NS does not.

Technical specifications

STOP BULLET is laminated glass with ballistic properties in accordance with European standard EN1063, to which it must conform. Bullet-resistant glazing is referenced by performance class, in nine different categories (BR1, BR2, etc.) as well as by the presence or absence of splinters behind the glazing in the event of bullet impact (S or NS).

How is bullet-resistant glazing tested?

During the EN1063 tests, bullet-resistant glazing measuring 500 x 500 mm is firmly inserted into a special frame and subjected to three bullet impacts, forming a triangle in the centre of the glazing. A qualified marksman fires the bullets at an angle of 90 degrees from a distance of between five and ten metres, depending on the class of resistance being tested.

image dimension
For the standard to be considered complied with, it is imperative that the projectile does not penetrate the glazing. In addition to the bullet-proof classification, the glazing can obtain the additional classification of "no splinters" (NS) if no glass splinters come off the glazing on impact. However, if glass splinters do escape, the test result is accompanied by the letter "S" for "splinter escape".

STOP BULLET glazing tested against all bullet-resistant classes:

The four bullet-resistant classes (BR1, BR2, BR3 and BR4) are designed to withstand fire from rifles, pistols, revolvers and other sporting weapons. The three higher classes (BR5, BR6, BR7) must be able to withstand fire from long-range weapons. Classes SG1 and SG2 are specifically designed for shotguns.


Designed to provide advanced protection against ballistic threats and intrusion attempts. Unlike the NS range, this glazing can generate damaging splinters.
according to
Number / Type of
BR1 S 3 / 22 LR
BR1 S 3 / 22 LR
BR2 S 3 / 9 mm Luger
BR3 S 3 / 357 Magnum
BR4 S 3 / 44 Magnum
BR5 S 3 / 5,56 Perfo
BR5 S 3 / 5,56 Perfo
BR6 S 3 / 7,62
BR6 S 3 / 7,62


Designed to offer exceptional resistance to projectiles and intrusion attempts, this range is specially recognised for its "non-splitting" (NS) classification, providing extra protection against potentially dangerous shards of glass.
selon la norme
EN 1063
Nombre / Type de
Ep. (mm) Poids(kg/m²)
BR2 NS 3 / 9 mm Luger 15 30
BR3 NS 3 / 357 Magnum 19 41
BR4-SG2 NS 3 / 44 Magnum
3 / 12 mm Brenneke
28 59
BR5 NS 3 / 5,56 Perfo 34 76
BR5-BR6-SG2 NS 3 / 5,56 Perfo
3 / 7,62
3 / 12 mm Brenneke
38,5 90
BR6-SG2 NS 3 / 7,62
3 / 12 mm
47 107
BR4-SG2 NS 3 / 44 Magnum
3 / 12 mm Brenneke
33 61
BR5-SG2 NS 3 / 5,56 Perfo
3 / 12 mm Brenneke
43 87
BR6-SG2 NS 3 / 7,62
3 / 12 mmBrenneke
48,5 97
BR7-SG2 NS 3 / 7,62 Perfo
3 / 12 mm Brenneke
86 188
Specific tests 81 178

The primary function of STOP BULLET laminated bullet-resistant glass is to ensure the safety of people and property. It can be used in places that are vulnerable to attacks by firearms or break-ins:

  • Police stations and gendarmeries
  • Military premises
  • Toll booths, ticket offices, toll booths
  • Banks, cash-in-transit premises
  • Petrol stations
  • Customs posts
  • Courthouses
  • Prison surveillance and control posts
  • Prefectures, embassies, consulates

You can find our full range of bullet-proof glazing in our VIT PROTECT – BULLET documentation below.

As each case is specific, consult us to find the right glazing!
PS: Don’t forget that the joinery must also be bulletproof..

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