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RANGE VIT PROTECT | OURS bullet-proof glazing


The primary function of bullet-proof laminated glass is to protect people against gunfire of different calibres.
It can be installed in police stations, prisons and court houses...

STOP BULLET bullet-proof laminated glazing is made from assembling multiple sheets of float glass. These sheets are bonded together using plastic interlayers (PVB or polycarbonate), the purpose of which is to prevent the penetration of bullets. Other than the class of glazing determined according to the type of fire arm used, two classes exist: Class S and class NS. Class S allows fragments of glass to be projected following the bullet's impact, class NS does not allow this!

Technical specifications

As such, the primary function of bulletproof glass is to protect people. It can be installed in:

  • Police stations
  • Military compounds
  • Sentry boxes, ticket offices, toll booths
  • Banks, cash transportation centres
  • Service stations
  • Border crossing points
  • Court houses
  • Monitoring stations and control posts in prisons

Bulletproof glazing is categorised by performance class (BR1, BR2 etc.) and by whether or not there is splitting of fragments behind the glazing upon impact (S or NS).
S = Splitting, with glass fragments
NS = Non-splitting, without glass fragments
You can find our whole range of bulletproof glazing in our VIT PROTECT – BULLET documentation below

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