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RANGE VIT SUN | OURS reinforced solar control glazing


VIT SUN PERFORM is solar control glazing.
This range of double glazing allows you to control levels of light (and, therefore, heat) entering in summer and heat loss in winter.

Thanks to the continuous improvement of the solar control layers, glazing is increasingly luminous, whilst offering accurate control of solar gain, which can be fine-tuned by choosing the most appropriate product for the type of building, exposure, etc...It is always fitted as insulated glazing, on face 2.

Technical specifications

VIT Sun Perform glazing may be fitted in:

  • Facades
  • Roofs
  • Verandas
  • Windows
  • Doors

VIT Sun Perform 71/39:
Filled with 16 mm of argon, Sun Perform 71/39 offers a Ug coefficient of 1.1.
It offers comfort in summer and winter (also known as 4 seasons). It offers a good balance between light transmission and solar factor depending on the application (facades/glass roofs) and exposure, with high insulation capacity.
VIT Sun Perform 71/39 is the ideal glazing for vertical applications including buildings such as offices, hospitals, shopping centres etc. as well as glazing for residential use (tilt-turn or fixed windows, verandas etc.).

VIT Sun Perform 66/33:
Filled with 16 mm of argon, Sun Perform 66/33 offers a Ug coefficient of 1.0.
Although similar to the VIT Sun Perform 71/39, this glazing offers better control of solar gain with only slightly less light transmission.
VIT Sun Perform 60/28:
Filled with 16 mm of argon, the Sunguard 60/28 offers a Ug coefficient of 1.0 W/m²K, with a very high level of thermal insulation. Of all of the products in our range, this one offers the best light to solar gain ratio.
VIT Sun Perform 50/30:
Filled with 16 mm of argon, Sun Perform 50/30 offers a Ug coefficient of 1.0.
With a little less light transmittance than the Sun Perform 60/28, it offers a high degree of solar control, but without making the inside of the building too dark. Its more neutral appearance sets it apart from the Sun Perform 60/28. In addition, it can be tempered to 6 mm, which resolves issues of thermal breakage, particularly in roofs.
VIT Sun Perform 30/16:
Filled with 16 mm of argon, Sun Perform 30/16 offers a Ug coefficient of 1.0.
It is the most efficient product in the range, with a solar factor of just 16% (in other words: 84% of solar energy remains inside the building), it is also the one offering the least light transmittance. As such it is reserved for facades with substantial exposure to the sun, or more often roof glazing, as zenithal exposure means products with less light transmittance can be used.

The other products of the range VIT SUN