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RANGE VIT PROTECT | OURS Fire-resistant glazing


STOP FIRE fire-resistant glazing is fire-rated glazing.
We stock and sell the Pyrobel and Pyrobelite range from AGC.

Fire-resistant and fire-proof glazing are made up of multiple sheets of glass, bonded together with intumescent resin, as well as with PVB films in the case of some products: EG versions (External Grade: for outside use).As a stockist of these products for over 25 years, we can quickly get them to you wherever you are in France.

Technical specifications

There are three categories:

  • Pyrobelite fire-resistant glazing (E): mechanical stability and integrity against flames, gasses and smoke
  • Pyrobel fire-proof glazing (EI): mechanical stability and integrity against flames, gasses and smoke + thermal insulation
  • Glazing for Pyropane smoke curtains (DH): mechanical stability and containment of smoke

Discover the characteristics of each of these fire resistant glazings

Their purpose is to limit the spread of a fire and thus protect property and people as much as possible when evacuating buildings. Glazings have different characteristics with regard to the passage of flames, gases, smoke and heat, and are not all used for the same purpose.

In order to meet the safety requirements for fire resistance, we offer a wide range of glazing certificates for timber, steel and aluminium frames, either rebated on all four sides or without vertical jambs (Pyrobel Vision Line and Pyrobel Vision Line Corner).

All products in the Pyrobel and Pyrobelite range are classified as safety glass for people in the event of a collision. Most of them are also guardrails, except for Pyrobel 16 and Pyrobelite 10 (within certain dimensional limits: see the guardrail report available in your customer area by clicking here).

Before launching the production of your orders, and before drawing up a quotation, we need to analyse the conformity of your request with the existing PV. To do this, you can send us the fire product questionnaire available below.