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RANGE VIT DESIGN | OURS glazing with lacquering


VIT Design Paint, for a high-colour atmosphere!

The VIT Design Paint range is made up of two main product ranges:
Glazing from the Lacobel and Matelac range, which we have in stock, to be cut and moulded to order.
Lacquered glazing produced in our workshops: for this we apply a coating of lacquer, chosen from among the standard RAL colours, to extraclear float or tempered glass.

Technical specifications

Glazing from the Lacobel range all come in a Safe version, with a safety film on the back. Glazing lacquered in our workshops can be coated with a a safety film, or produced using tempered glass to achieve shatterproof glazing. VIT Design Paint glazing are often used to produce:

  • Splashbacks
  • Wall panelling
  • Reception desk areas
  • Table tops
  • Dry wipe boards
  • Bathrooms

Our range of lacquered glass customised with RAL colours will offer you a wider range of colours than the standard Lacobel range.
Moreover, tempered glass is recommended for kitchen splashbacks, particularly in the cooking area, to prevent thermal breakage.
In this case, it is always tricky to match a Lacobel with a lacquered glass as there can be a slight difference in colour: It is therefore possible to finish part of the room in lacquered float glass with only the cooking area in tempered glass thus achieving a uniform colour throughout the room.

Application areas

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