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VIT, your safety partner

Over the past few decades, French safety standards have only intensified. These standards exist to ensure that the products offered on the market are safe, especially for buildings open to the public. VIT therefore offers technical glazing at the cutting edge of safety, meeting the standards of the moment.

Whether it is protection against burglary or vandalism (laminated glass from class 2 to class 7 in the VIT STOP CHOC and STOP CHOC PLUS range), fire protection (flameproof or fireproof glass in the STOP FIRE range), protection against falls (STOP FALL or STOP FALL WINDOWS range of guardrail glazing) or personal protection (STOP BULLET bulletproof glazing or VIT PREVENT anti-virus glazing), the VIT Group can assist you in your projects to ensure that you receive safe technical product.

These ranges have been set up to best meet your needs.

We want to offer you the best in order to protect property and people: window glazing (clear, extra-clear laminated glass or STOP REFLECT anti-reflective glass), guardrails, flame-retardant and fireproof glazing to delay fire and prevent the spread of flames, gases and smoke.

All these glazings can be combined with solar protection (VIT PERFORM) and/or thermal protection (VIT THERM), in order to fight against heat loss while controlling luminosity and solar gain.

To meet the requirements of public places, schools, gymnasiums … we offer this range in laminated or tempered glass according to the requirements of DTUs.

VIT offers you the necessary technical advice and support for calculations of wind resistance, snow resistance for all your applications of windows, roofs …

For VIT, it is important to offer a variety of products according to your expectations and requirements. To meet the standards while being able to offer you a choice of glazing with different properties and design, is for us an essential way to satisfy you.