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Which glazing for more privacy? VIT STOP VIEW opaque glazing!

If your flat, house or office is on the ground floor or has windows overlooking a busy street, you may have experienced discomfort due to lack of privacy. Are you looking for a solution to ensure that you are not seen from the outside when you are in your home or office? VIT has the solution, and it’s called VIT Stop View, the opaque glazing from the VIT range.

If you have tried window films, you know that this is not a solution if you really want to be out of sight and keep your interior looking smart. These opaque films do not always give the expected result (either too transparent or too opaque) and remove what little visibility you have on the ground floor. Also, bonded films are permanent without any brightness nuance and they degrade quickly.

VIT Stop View opaque glazing, on the other hand, provides many benefits in addition to allowing you to regain your privacy!

? It allows you to rearrange and structure your space, even more so when installed on partitions. The opaque technology allows you to preserve the confidentiality of exchanges and the privacy of each person if you live in a shared apartment or have many offices.

? Despite the opacifying attribute, this technical glazing allows natural light to be retained, even more so when the tint of the glazing is white.

? This innovative glazing is a good way to simplify your daily life as these VIT Stop View glazings are very easy to maintain.

? Whether in business premises, on a ground floor window or a partition, opaque glazing is a real comfort that will enhance your property (just like triple glazing or any other technical and efficient glazing).

But how does it work?

VIT Stop View is made up of two laminated glasses with liquid crystals inserted between them, giving it an opaque tint. The composition of this technical glazing can also include a coloured film to give your interior a colourful appearance.

If it is equipped with LCD technology, as soon as the glass is powered, it becomes transparent like traditional glass, giving more size and brightness to the room in which it is installed. Thanks to an opacifying film integrated into the glass sheets, this technology allows you to make your glazing transparent or opaque, depending on the time of day and your wishes, and this in a single movement.

Thus, opaque glazing is a real plus in homes, but also in offices, for meeting rooms. VIT offers you examples of possible applications to give you ideas for projects:

  • In the home, a glass partition equipped with this technology can be used to separate a bedroom from a bathroom, a patio or a living room. It is ideal for preserving the privacy of each person, while optimising space and offering great luminosity when you want it.
  • In medical wards and operating theatres, this innovative glazing is increasingly used to ensure privacy and patient confidence.
  • In the workplace, opaque glazing can be used to hold meetings out of sight or to provide an isolated space for employees to concentrate.

Find out more about the technical characteristics of our glazing on the VIT Stop View page. And if you are interested, VIT can help you with all your innovative glazing projects right here.

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