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Thermal glazing, a solution for energy savings !

The news of this fall 2022 is focused on energy sobriety, the rise in energy prices and the potential shortage of gas resources with the conflict between Ukraine and Russia. As these issues are at the heart of concerns, it is essential to find solutions to limit energy consumption, but also to act in favor of the environment. The objective of the energy sobriety plan set by the government is to reduce our energy consumption by 10%, the first step towards a 40% reduction by 2050. Actions can be implemented at the digital and economic levels, but also on heating and air conditioning.

The VIT group, through its role as a glass processor, has a leading position in the building sector with its insulating glass solutions. The group responds to everyone’s needs with glazing that allows your home to benefit from a positive energy balance. Quality glazing is an important source of solutions from an economic, energy and ecological point of view. Too often underestimated, glass surfaces represent an important issue for the comfort of occupants and the insulation of buildings. In winter, in our homes or business premises, heat escapes mainly through windows and increases heating consumption; generally because of single glazing, or poorly performing double glazing, which allows all the heat that can be emitted inside a home or building to escape. The consequences are multiple, the effect of cold wall and the feeling of discomfort, a high heat loss of the habitat and a decrease in energy savings.

In 2019, the last year of reference before the pandemic, heating represented “60 to 70%” of the average budget of a household for its housing. That is to say around 1000 euros for this need alone, on an average of 1602 euros of global energy expenses.

At VIT, we have solutions to enable you to insulate your home or building, to adapt and to be less affected by the upcoming increase in gas and electricity rates.

Indeed, VIT Therm insulating glass is your ally in this season. To protect you from the cold, this double glazing and its special properties will help you save money. Used on windows, entrance doors or bay windows, it is ideal in every situation.

For your comfort and because it is a pass-through glass, it offers an optimal passage of light, thanks to its maximum transparency. With a solar factor of approximately 60%, this glass allows you to benefit from the sun’s direct energy input for free. Moreover, it is adaptable in all types of housing and offices because of its availability in many thicknesses in float or laminated and is really part of a logic of energy efficiency.

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