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Safety at VIT: our priority for you

Safety at VIT: our priority for you

At VIT, we offer you our protective glass solutions. You can choose from a wide range of innovative glazing products offering different functionalities. Our different ranges meet the needs of many sectors of activity: public places (hospitals, nursing homes, police stations, etc.), collective or private residential buildings, commercial buildings (stores, hotels, restaurants, supermarkets, banks, etc.). This is what makes our diversity !

In our VIT PROTECT range, we offer various breakage-resistant glazings: their primary function is to ensure the safety of goods and people.

It therefore includes guardrail glazing. This range is characterized by a laminated tempered glass and allows the implementation of simple, refined and customizable guardrails. You can also apply this type of glazing to your windows or facades to ensure protection against people falling into the void.

The safety of people also includes their protection in public places. Our specific glazing, STOP BULLET, is resistant to firearms of various calibers. This bulletproof laminated glass is made by assembling several sheets of glass separated by PVB films. Thanks to this, the passage of bullets will be avoided

We also have a STOP CHOC range, composed of bi-laminated glass. Laminated glass is made by assembling two sheets of float glass glued together by plastic spacers. In case of breakage, it must not be injurious, nor come out of its rebate, i.e. it keeps the glass in place even when broken. This glazing is highly resistant to shocks and deformations and ensures optimal safety in case of breakage.

The STOP CHOC PLUS range completes the previous one, with its laminated burglar-resistant glass that prevents or delays as much as possible the entry of a burglar. Thanks to its thickness and its strong resistance, the glass also remains in place after being broken but also makes it difficult for a burglar to get through. This category will concern more particularly the sectors at risk like banks, jewelers or any other trade having valuable objects.

One of our flagship ranges concerns fire-resistant glazing. This fire protection glazing (flame retardant or fireproof), is made of several sheets of glass assembled together by intumescent resin. We can equip your facades, your partitions, your doors and your windows with STOP FIRE glazing for a better protection and safety of your employees but also of your buildings.

So if you would like to know more about one of our glazing ranges to provide superior protection for your building, business or home, go to our VIT PROTECT section.