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Reproduction of stained glass using digital printing

VIT took part in a rather atypical project to replace stained glass windows in a convent with digital printing reproductions on glass.

Modern stained glass

A few weeks ago, Ludovic Llopis, from the company ALBERT BRASSIER, consulted VIT for an unusual project. It involved finding a solution to replace the stained glass in the Rédemptoristines Convent in Riom (63).

Insulated glazing with  digital printing was chosen. This has the dual benefit of providing much more effective insulation for the convent, both in terms of heat and sound, since it has replaced the single glazing in place previously, whilst also being more affordable than traditional stained glass.


Here is the original stained glass   

An impressive result

So, for this creation, VIT produced bespoke glazing with the objective of reproducing as accurately as possible the colours of the original stained glass with the additional benefits of this type of glazing. Indeed, it was fitted with insulation, thus offering properties that could not be integrated in traditional stained glass

The process is quite technical since two impressions needed to be superimposed in the glazing, in perfect symmetry, to achieve this attractive effect.
A prototype of the design was then approved by the client. So, we can imagine the amount of work needed upstream to analyse, study, test etc. before achieving a final and complete version of the glazing.


Finally, five different sizes of 44/2 insulating glass units were custom-made to fit the convent and continue to enjoy the light and beautiful colours that enter the building.