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VIT PREVENT : Protective screens in tempered or laminated glass


The VIT group is thrilled to present its range of protective screens in tempered or laminated glass.

Ideal for preserving the health of your supermarket checkouts, restaurants, school classrooms, conservatories, waiting rooms, ticket offices etc. Discover VIT Prevent without further ado! The VIT Prevent range is 100% made in France. Our solution is perfectly adapted for bank counters,

Hygienic, durable and recyclable protective screens

Compared with protective screens made from plexiglass, glass in the VIT Prevent range offers numerous advantages. All of the edges of our glass are polished.  The glass exists in 6 or 8 mm sheets in the case of tempered glass and 33/2 or 44/2 in the case of laminated glass. They have better transparency than plexiglas screens. The glass is also more hygienic: no impurity can become embedded in the glazing. Moreover, our VIT Prevent screens have better resistance and durability against detergents and disinfectants, used very regularly to keep the surface clean. Finally, from an ecological perspective, glass is the material to go for since it is fully recyclable!

Three options for protective screens, depending on your needs

When devising the VIT Prevent range, we envisaged different scenarios. This is why we offer you 3 different types of protective screens to suit all circumstances.

  • VIT Prevent Facile : as its name suggests, this model is ready to use in record time thanks to its two pre-drilled mounts that come with clips. It can be fitted or solidly fixed to a desk..
  • VIT Prevent Universel : here our screen has no stand. It is fixed using two u-shaped rotating metal parts connected by a clamping knob. It can be assembled on any table, irrespective of the shape, thanks to the swivelling part.
  • VIT Prevent Intégral : which has a dual benefit. Of course it is used to protect a standing workstation but also as a partition. With a height of 1,500 or 1,800 mm depending on your requirements, its panoramic glass is supported by a fixed stand and offers maximum protection whilst remaining easy to fit and move around.

VIT Prevent: quick-fit screens!

“Facile”, “Universel” and “Intégral”: the 3 protective screens in the VIT Prevent range can be fitted in just a few minutes. Each of our frames offers you good stability and sturdiness, whilst giving a touch of style, thanks to the chrome finish. The adaptability of the various fixings makes our 2 screens modular and complementary: don’t hesitate to combine models to create the perfect fit for your workspace.


VIT customisation

Finally, in addition to the 3 models on offer in our VIT Prevent range, we remain faithful to our principle of providing bespoke glass. These models are available in different dimensions and we can also review any more specific requirements you may have. We also offer a customisation service for these protective screens using sandblasted or digitally printed decorations, with cutting or shaping. For tempered glass, we can also incorporate a W 250 mm x H 75 mm document hatch