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How to enjoy your veranda, even in winter?

The veranda increases the added value of a house. Many people dream of additional square metres and a bright room, as it is often a space for relaxation and well-being.


Most people only use it during the summer months, while others use it as an extension of their home and turn it into a room in its own right. It can also be fitted out for the winter period, in order to make the most of this additional living space.


There are several solutions for making this room accessible when the weather turns cold:


  • High-quality VIT THERM glazing is required:

As conservatories are mostly made of glazing, it is important to choose a suitable type of glass. Double glazing is the minimum requirement for proper insulation in your conservatory. In some cold regions, triple glazing is even recommended to improve your comfort. Our thermal double glazing and its special properties will help to prevent cold draughts while maintaining maximum natural light. It will also be a great way to save energy by reducing the use of heating in winter and air conditioning in summer.

In addition, with a solar factor of 65% for the VIT THERM 1.1 version (Ug coefficient of 1.1 W/m²°K), this glass allows you to benefit from free solar energy and generate a positive energy balance for your home.

The VIT THERM 1.0 version (Ug-value of 1.0 W/m²°K) provides better thermal insulation but has a lower solar factor of 49%. It is interesting to protect even more from the cold and not to let in too much heat, especially in summer.


With this glazing, comfort and thermal insulation are combined in one! Thanks to an “invisible” coating integrated into the insulating glass, it can deliver a heating power of 400 W/m² while maintaining a thermal insulation coefficient of up to 1.0 W/m²°K. In addition, transparency and aesthetics are preserved: no more radiators on the wall and no additional work for the installation (only a classic 220 V connection).

The VIT plus in the façade? The integration of a VIT LINE blind from the VIT COMFORT range, which allows you to preserve the privacy of your home at any time. With the choice of manual or electric operation. We feel good in our veranda!


  • VIT SUN glazing for roof insulation:

The conservatory roof also plays an important role in the insulation of the room. The roof can be made of various materials: tiles, sandwich panels, glass, polycarbonate, etc. If the roof is made of glass, it can also be fitted with VIT SUN thermal and solar control glazing. The sun’s rays warm up the veranda in winter and are pleasant, but they can become a real nuisance in summer. We thus combine thermal performance with a Ug coefficient of 1.0 W/m²°K for the entire range and solar control varying from 40 to 16%. This allows us to respond to different exposures to avoid any greenhouse effect and to fully enjoy our veranda in all seasons.


The VIT plus: SELF-CLEAN glazing from the VIT COMFORT range ! These thermal and solar control glazings are combined with a self-cleaning coating on the outside! Isn’t it even more comfortable to always have clean glass (or much easier to clean?). Think about it for your projects.

The Super Plus VIT? VERALAM blinds integrated in the roof insulation glass? In addition to all the above possibilities, a motorised roller blind can be integrated into the double glazing. The result is a high-performance thermal and solar control glazing system: the orientation of the slats creates a “sun breaker” effect and further prevents excessive heat gain, as well as any glare that can be uncomfortable when you want to enjoy your veranda to the full!

So what’s the point? Don’t we have all the thermal solutions we need to fully enjoy our veranda in winter but also in any season? This is also the performance of VIT and its advice!

Do you have an extension or construction project and would like to use thermal glass that meets your energy needs? Contact us