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How does digital printing on glass fit in with your interior?

How does digital printing on glass fit in with your interior?

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What is printing on glass?

It’s a printing technique that transfers images, patterns or designs directly onto glass surfaces using a printer. This method uses special inks that adhere permanently to the surface of the glass when heated or treated with UV light. Digital printing on glass offers many advantages over traditional methods such as screen printing or stickers, including accurate reproduction of detail, vivid colours and high resolution. Digital printing on glass also offers advantages in terms of durability. The inks used are resistant to scratches, UV rays and humidity, guaranteeing long-lasting print quality and durability. This method is widely used in interior decoration, architecture, product design and the visual arts.

This printing technique allows you to personalise your living or working spaces. The VIT group, experts in high-performance and technical glazing, offers you a complete range of products and designs:

The range of prints on credenzas allows you to add a decorative touch to your interior. We’ve designed a collection for kitchen splashbacks to offer you a wide range of possibilities to suit your tastes and desires. Would you prefer a plant, Mediterranean, modern or industrial style?

There’s something for everyone, and with VIT Design Print  your kitchen will be stylish and unique.

VIT also offers a whole range of digital printing on glass that can be adapted to your bathroom. This entire range has been designed to blend in with each of your interiors, regardless of the type of shower or bath screen you have. Our designs can be adapted to suit your projects and we can offer you made-to-measure solutions. As mentioned earlier, there’s no need to worry about humidity – the glass prints we offer are moisture-resistant.

Our expertise in digital printing also applies to interior glass partitions. Take a look at our collection of interior partition designs here. We’ve projected ourselves into the interiors of offices, public buildings and homes to create a variety of atmospheres. Decoration counts in the workplace too: from nature to art to the abstract, we’ve thought of everything to make you feel comfortable and productive.

Finally, we’ve also come up with a collection of designs for front doors that can be matched to a wide range of home decors and styles, with motifs just as varied as the other ranges. These designs will add a touch of originality to classic front doors, which are sometimes overlooked in the design of your interior. Our designs are adaptable to your projects, and we can tailor them to the colours or effects you want.

Are you interested in printing on glass? Have you been inspired by one of our ranges? Contact us.