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Glazing that controls the sun’s rays!

Our VIT Stopsol range is specially designed for the hottest months of the year, when the sun is at its peak. As we all know, we live in summers where temperatures are only increasing. Heatwaves are becoming commonplace, and the search for heat-related comfort is at the heart of the new concerns of builders.

To ensure the comfort of your buildings, the VIT Group offers a product that can control solar gain. Indeed, the objective of this solar control glazing is to limit solar gain in order to control the temperature inside the building.

STOPSOL is one of the first solar control glass products. This type of glazing has a specific aspect, it has a reflective appearance.

The main properties of this technical glazing are :
? A light and heat reflecting appearance promoting natural lighting,
? Reduced energy input,
? Less glare

Its glass can be clear or tinted depending on the desired appearance and its exposure. This appearance allows reflection thanks to its metal oxide coating.

Different compositions are available for this type of glazing to meet your requirements: simple, laminated, tempered, enamelled or assembled as insulating glass.

This specific glazing can be installed in windows to hide the interior of the building. It can also be installed in facades, conservatory glass roofs or doors to keep heat out of homes and offices.

To find out more, visit the VIT Stopsol page !