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Elsa Gautheron discusses her arrival at the VIT group

Elsa Gautheron has just joined the VIT Group as Director of Human Resources and we wish her a warm welcome!

Thanks to her background and professional experience, Elsa embodies a new vision and the opportunity for VIT to develop a structured and effective HR Policy. This strategy will incorporate the career development of our existing and future employees to support the group’s expansion.

ITW Elsa Gautheron - VIT spécialiste du vitrage pour les professionnels

– Hello Elsa and welcome to the VIT Group. Tell us about your background?
In terms of my academic background, I have a Masters in Economic Engineering and a post-graduate degree in Human Resources Management. The objective of this dual qualification is to manage corporate issues whilst involving employees in the key concerns of the company. As for my experience, I began my career with the company FPT before joining the group Leboncoin where I worked for 8 years, with the main remit of creating and developing a HR department for the Sales Divisions and to maintain close working relations as well as well-being at work in a context of rapid expansion.

– What drew you to VIT?
I chose to join VIT above all for its human values. VIT is a company with big ambitions but also one which prioritises its employees. The VIT group has also committed to a strong CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) policy intended to have a positive impact on the Company whilst being economically viable. At the same time the company is undergoing a period of expansion which will increase the number of projects and make HR duties particularly varied and rewarding.

– What do you hope to bring to the VIT Group?
I hope to bring an effective HR policy to VIT, one which both meets the expectations of employees and fits into Management’s plans. It is essential for me to give employees a HR department that is accessible and responsive. I also want to structure the HR department in a way that supports changes within the company and offer support to managers with all HR issues.

– What is the group’s HR vision for the coming months/years? What are your projects?
The group’s HR objective is to create a true HR policy which supports the company in its expansion. This HR policy is primarily about structuring the company and working on the company’s public profile. It is also about developing effective Provisional Workforce and Skills Planning in order to offer employees career progression in line with their wishes and skills as well as the company’s needs. We also have plans for the recruitment and integration of our employees. It is essential for the company to be able to guarantee the recruitment and integration of profiles that meet the company’s requirements. For this, in addition to the post-specific technical skills, VIT is primarily on the look out for human qualities that are a good fit for the company’s business plan.

– In your opinion, what are VIT’s strengths in terms of recruitment and training?
VIT is a company with strong human values and a particularly pronounced corporate culture. The company’s policy is focused on maintaining a healthy working environment that is conducive to dialogue, which makes the company a good place to work. VIT is also a company that is constantly changing and has cutting edge production facilities.

This drive for constant renewal means developing the versatility of employees and developing their skills. As such, the company has placed a lot of emphasis on internal mobility which has opened up the range of possibilities for employees. The company has also the good fortune of being able to rely on experienced employees who can share their skills and local knowledge.