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Do you know the benefits of glazing?

Glazing is essential in our daily lives and accompanies us everywhere: in our homes, in our cars, etc. But do you really know its benefits?

And the light was !

The glass, by its transparency, allows us to connect to the outside, but also to make us enjoy the natural light and the heat of the sun, important for our health. In fact, regular exposure to light helps to set our biological clock and bring us the well-being we need to feel at home, in the office or at school.

This is an essential point to take into account in architecture when creating a new project, because light makes it possible to irrigate natural light spaces and to have a look at the outside world.

The comfort of energy !

In terms of comfort, glazing is essential: acoustic and thermal insulation inevitably go through the composition of a good glazing in a building.

Unlike other building materials, the energy performance of glazing is calculated not only by the thermal insulation properties but also by its energy gain called the energy balance of the windows. The latter makes it possible to strike a balance between heat losses and gains in a dwelling.

Taking these two factors into account, you will choose the glazing that best suits your project to adapt to your needs to allow for greater comfort and significant energy savings.

Safety above all else !

A glazing is also synonymous with security: in a house, in a business, in a public establishment. The glazing is present everywhere and makes it possible to limit accidents: railings, glazing against flames and firewalls, anti-burglary glazing.

The material of tomorrow

Sustainable development is at the heart of all discussions and projects. The glass, recyclable to infinity allows to go towards a climate neutrality thanks to its action of energy gain. Indeed, the glazing allows significant energy savings in a building when it is well chosen.

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