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A focus for 2022 : a year of glass

The United Nations General Assembly has declared 2022 as the International Year of Glass. This new year is an essential date for the world of glass. This material will be celebrated throughout the world, recognized for its architectural, technological and ecological applications.

Indeed, new decisions have been taken within the UN General Assembly in 2021, in line with sustainable development. This decision allows us to make good resolutions in this new year and marks the ecological virtues of glass, as well as its vocation to replace plastic packaging.

Moreover, glass is a material that can be recycled endlessly and has many modern applications in the scientific, artistic and cultural fields. Thanks to this material, a transition to a more sustainable world will be facilitated.

It is a decision and an opportunity to make glass better known and to highlight all the professions that work with this material. All the players in the glass industry, including VIT, are mobilized to promote this historic and innovative know-how, both economically and ecologically. VIT is committed to being a major player in France to make glazing an everyday material, and thus to promote it at its true value.

Let’s participate together in the good functioning of the planet and let’s be part of an ecological approach. We accompany you for your professional glazing projects.

Whatever your project, your choice of glass, your surface area, VIT will be happy to assist you in your project !