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The VIT Group’s Sun range

The VIT Group’s Sun range

The sunny days are here, and so is the heat. It is often difficult to cool the interior with a simple open window and draughts. This is because the sun’s powerful rays hit the glass and bring all the heat inside.

The VIT Group offers several ranges of reinforced solar control glazing to help you avoid the heat.


This double glazing controls the level of light entering in summer and heat loss in winter. The heat is also controlled to avoid a stifling interior that is difficult to regulate.

This range allows you to regulate solar gain, while maintaining adequate light levels.

The glass specifications can be adapted to suit the building and its exposure.

This type of glass can be installed in facades, roofs, conservatories, windows and doors.


This range, equipped with clear or tinted glass, offers you great resistance over the long term while maintaining its performance. Depending on the desired resistance, you can choose between single, laminated, tempered, enamelled or insulating glass.

The original aspect of the glass is a reflective coating based on metal oxides, which allows light and solar energy to be reflected. The STOPSOL range offers you natural, glare-free lighting while limiting solar gain inside buildings.

This glass can be installed on windows to hide the interior of a building, facades, roofs or doors.

The VIT Group’s technical insulating glass units are there to provide you with comfort adapted to your needs and your environment.

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