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The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which entered into force on 25 May 2018, sets out the principles to be observed when collection, processing and storing personal data. Such principles also safeguard the rights of data subjects.

This policy sets out and notifies you of the way in which our website uses and protects any information submitted by you in using this site via the following URL : https://www.vit.fr/ (hereinafter the “Site”).

Please note that the privacy policy is liable to be changed and added to at any time by VIT SAS, in particular in order to comply with any legislative, regulatory, jurisprudential or technological changes.

In such cases, the date on which it is updated will be clearly identified in the header of this policy.

The User is bound by these changes as soon as they are published online. Consequently, Users must regularly consult the privacy and cookies policy in order to familiarise themselves with any changes


In general terms, it is possible for you to visit our Site without disclosing any of your personal data. Under no circumstances are you in any way required to share information with VIT SAS. However, should you refuse, you may be unable to benefit from certain information or services you may have requested. Indeed, in this respect, in certain circumstances our Site may ask you to enter your last name, first name, email address, telephone number, company and position (hereinafter, “your Personal Data”). In providing this information, you expressly agree to them being processed by VIT SAS, for the purposes stipulated under point 2 below as well as for the purposes set out at the end of each form. In accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation adopted by the European Parliament on 14 April 2016, and the French Data Protection Act (Loi Informatique et Libertés) of 6 January 1978, as amended, VIT SAS hereby notifies you of the following points :


The Data Controller is the company VIT SAS, headquartered at :
ZA Hautefond, BP 131
71600 Paray-le-Monial



VIT SAS may process your Personal Data: (a) for the purposes of providing you with the information or services requested (particularly the newsletter, deals, white papers or evaluating your degree of compliance through a quiz); and/or (b) for the purpose of gathering information with which to improve our Site, our products and services (particularly through the use of cookies); and/or (c) in order to contact you about various events relating to VIT SAS, including in particular product updates and customer support.


VIT SAS is the sole recipient of your Personal Data. Such data, whether in an individual or aggregated format, are never shared with third parties, notwithstanding any processors used by VIT SAS (you will find more information on these under point 7 below). Neither VIT SAS, nor any of its processors, engages in the sale of the personal data of the visitors or users of its Site.


Your Personal Data is held by VIT SAS only for the time required for the purpose of collection as stated under paragraph 2 above. Under no circumstances should this period exceed 24 months.


With regards your Personal Data, you have the following rights, which you may exercise by writing to the postal address indicated under point 1 or by mail.

Right of access and communication of data You have the option to access your Personal Information. However, in light of VIT SA’s duty of security and confidentiality when processing personal data, you are hereby notified that, in order for your request to be processed, you must submit proof of your identity, particularly in the form of valid electronic identification (in the case of a request via our dedicated electronic form) or a signed photocopy of your valid ID (in the case of a request sent in writing). VIT SAS hereby notifies you that it is entitled to contest any clearly unreasonable requests (owing to their number, their repetitive or systematic nature). To assist you in the process, particularly if you wish to exercise your right of access through a written request to the postal address referred to under point 1, by clicking on the following link you will find a letter template produced by the French Data Protection Authority (la Commission Nationale de l’Informatique et des Libertés or “CNIL”).

Right to rectification of data Under this right, the legislation authorises you to request the rectification, updating, locking or erasure of your personal data should it prove inaccurate, erroneous, incomplete or obsolete. You may also provide general and specific guidance on what should be done with your data after your death. In such circumstances, the heirs of a deceased individuals may demand that the death of their family member or friend is taken into consideration and/or that the necessary updates are made. To assist you in the process, particularly if you wish to exercise your right of rectification, on your own behalf or on behalf of a deceased loved one, through a written request to the postal address referred to under point 1, by clicking on the following link you will find a letter template produced by the French Data Protection Authority (CNIL)

Right to object This right may only be exercised in one of the following two situations:

  1. Where this right is exercised on legitimate grounds; or
  2. Where this right is exercised in order to object to the use of the data collected for the purposes of direct marketing.

To assist you in the process, particularly if you wish to exercise your right to object through a written request to the postal address referred to under point 1, by clicking on the following link you will find a letter template produced by the French Data Protection Authority (CNIL).


VIT SAS undertakes to respond to your access, rectification or objection request or to any other additional request for information within a reasonable time-scale which shall not exceed one month from the date on which your request is received.


VIT SAS hereby notifies you that it relies on approved processors to facilitate the collection and processing of data that you have submitted to us. These processors may be located outside the European Union and may be sent data collected using the various forms on the Site (with the exception of the form enabling you to exercise your data rights under the French Data Protection Act (Loi Informatique et et Libertés) which is provided and exploited by VIT SAS). VIT SAS has received advance assurances that its processors provide sufficient guarantees and comply with strict conditions in terms of the privacy, use and protection of data. Particular attention has been paid to the existence of a legal basis for any transfer of data to another country. In this respect, one of our processors is subject to “Binding Corporate Rules” which were approved by the French Data Protection Authority (CNIL) in 2016, whilst the others are subject not only to Standard Contractual Clauses, but also to the Privacy Shield.


Should you consider that VIT SAS is not meeting its obligations with respect to your Personal Data, you may submit a complaint or request to the competent authority. In France, the competent authority is the CNIL. You may submit a request to the CNIL electronically by clicking on the following link: https://www.cnil.fr/fr/plaintes/internet.


When visiting the VIT SAS website for the first time, you are notified by a banner on the bottom of your screen that information about your browsing may be recorded in files known as “cookies”. Our cookies user policy enables you to better understand the measures implemented by us relating to browsing on our web site. In particular it notifies you of all of the cookies present on our website and their purpose (Part 1) and gives you the procedure for configuring them (Part 2).


As the publisher of this website, VIT SAS may store cookies on the hard drive of your device (computer, tablet, mobile etc.) in order to ensure a smooth and optimal browsing experience on our website. “Cookies” are small text files of a limited size which enable us to recognise your computer, tablet or mobile for the purpose of customising the services we provide. In no way does the information collected using cookies enable you to be identified by name. They are used solely for our own purposes to improve the interactivity and performance of our web site and provide you with content that is tailored to your interests. None of the information is disclosed to third parties unless VIT SAS has secured your consent in advance or unless the disclosure of such information is required by law, by order of a court or any administrative or judicial authority approved to access it. To clarify which data is identified by cookies, you will find below a table listing the various types of cookies liable to be used on the VIT SAS web site, their purpose and their retention period.


You may accept or reject the installation of cookies at any time. When visiting the VIT SAS web site for the first time, a banner giving a brief presentation of the information relating to the cookies and similar technologies stored on your device appears at the bottom of your screen. This banner warns you that, in continuing to browse the VIT SAS web site (loading a new page or clicking on various elements for example), you agree to cookies being stored on your device. You are also deemed to have agreed to cookies being stored by clicking on the icon “X” to the right of the banner on the bottom of your screen. Depending on the type of cookie in question, there may be a requirement to secure your consent in order for us to store and read cookies on your terminal.

a. Cookies that are exempt from this consent In accordance with the recommendations of the French Data Protection Authority (CNIL), your prior consent is not required for some cookies insofar as they are strictly necessary in order for the web site to function or their sole purpose is to facilitate electronic communication. These include session cookies, authentication cookies, load-balancing session cookies and cookies to personalise your interface. These cookies are all subject to this policy insofar as they are issued and managed by VIT SAS.

  1. Cookies require your prior consent This requirement applies to cookies issued by third parties which are characterised as “persistent” insofar as they are stored on your device until they are erased or until their expiry date. Since such cookies are issued by third parties, they are used and stored in accordance with their own privacy policies, the links for which are provided below. This family of cookies includes audience measurement cookies (particularly Google Analytics), advertising cookies (which are not used by VIT SAS) and social media sharing cookies (in particular for Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and LinkedIn). Audience measurement cookies produce statistics regarding traffic and the use of various elements of the web site (such as content/pages visited by you). Such data is used to improve the user experience on VIT SAS’s web site. An audience measurement tool is used on this web site.
  2. Google Analytics the privacy policy of which is available via the following link: https://www.google.com/analytics/learn/privacy.html?hl=fr Social media sharing cookies are issued and managed by the publisher of the social network in question. Subject to your agreement, these cookies enable you to easily share some of the content published on the VIT SAS web site, particularly through the use of an application sharing “button” depending on the social network in question. Four types of social media sharing cookies are present on the VIT SAS website:
  3. Facebook, the cookies policy of which is available at the following link: https://www.facebook.com/policies/cookies
  4. LinkedIn, dont vous trouverez la politique relative aux cookies en cliquant sur le lien suivant : https://www.linkedin.com/legal/cookie-policy?_l=fr_FR
  5.  Twitter, the cookies policy of which can be found by clicking on the following link: https://www.linkedin.com/legal/cookie-policy
  6.  YouTube, for which you will find the necessary help removing cookies via the Google Chrome browser by clicking on the following link: https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/32050?hl=enbut also the full cookies policy via the following link: https://www.google.fr/intl/fr/policies/technologies/cookies/
  7. You have access to a range of tools with which to configure cookies The default settings of most web browsers allows cookies to be stored Your browser offers you the opportunity to modify these standard settings so that all of the cookies are systematically rejected or only some cookies are accepted or rejected according to their issuer.

NB :
We draw your attention to the fact that rejecting the storage of cookies on your device may alter your user experience as well as your ability to access some of the services or functionalities of this web site. In such circumstances, VIT SAS declines any liability for the consequences arising from a deterioration of your browsing experience owing to your decision to reject, erase or block the cookies required in order for the site to function. These consequences do not constitute harm and you may not claim any compensation on this basis.

Your browser also enables you to erase the cookies stored on your device or to receive a notification when new cookies are liable to be stored on your device. These settings do not affect your browsing but will remove any of the benefits of the cookie. Please familiarise yourself with the many tools available to you for the configuration of the cookies stored on your device.

d. Your web browser settings
Each web browser offers its own cookie management settings. To find out how to change your cookie preferences, you will find below links providing you with help accessing the relevant browser menus :
Chrome : https://support.google.com/chrome/answer/95647?hl=fr
Firefox : https://support.mozilla.org/fr/kb/activer-desactiver-cookies
Internet Explorer : https://support.microsoft.com/fr-fr/help/17442/windows-internet-explorer-delete-manage-cookies#ie=ie-11
Opera : https://help.opera.com/en/latest/web-preferences/#cookies
Safari :  https://support.apple.com/fr-lu/guide/safari/sfri11471/mac



Tracks the visitor from Twitter.
Expires: 10 days


Improves the visitor experience based on their browsing history
Expires: 1 day

Improves the visitor experience based on their browsing history
Expires: 1 day

Hotjar _hjIncludedInSample
Allows statistics and browsing behaviour on the page to be gathered in order to continuously improve the website according to visitor use and browsing.
Expires: End of session

Google Analytics

We use Google Analytics to gather information on the way in which visitors use the site and to better understand their requirements. This enables us to constantly improve the site. Google Analytics stores information on the pages you visit, the duration of the visit, the referrer pages etc. We do not receive or store any personal information such as names or addresses: as such, this cookie cannot be used to identify you. We do not authorise Google to use or share data about browsing on our site with third parties. The expiry periods below represent the lifespan of a cookie on your browser.

This randomly generated number is used to determine the number of uniquevisitors to our site.
Expires: 2 years

_utmb This randomly generated number is used (with_utmc) to determine the average duration of visits to our site.
Expires: 30 minutes

This randomly generated number is used (with_utmb) to determine the point at which you close your browser.
Expires: End of session

_utmt Is used to contain peaks of queries so as to improve the user experience.
Expires: 10 minutes

This is a randomly generated number as well as information on how the site was reached by the visitor (through a link, an organic search, or a sponsored search).
Expires: 6 months

You can opt not to send data via Google Analytics cookies Access Google Analytics

For more information on cookie management tools, consult the website of the French Data Protection Authority, CNIL: https://www.cnil.fr/fr/cookies-les-outils-pour-les-maitriser.

For any questions or additional requests for information regarding this cookies policy, please contact us using the contact form on our site.